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Executive Producer: NJI Holdings

Associate Producer: Amy King - @thechiefeternaloptimist

Producer: NiEtta Reynolds - @niettareynolds

Editor: Jimesa Duckworth - @whitepearlcoaching

Video Shooter/Editor: Dr. James Johnson @tailoredpenguin


Finding out a loved one has cancer can bring many changes to a person, both emotionally and physically. Hear the story of Kimberly Alexander cancer advocate and her experiences managing her mental health as the caregiver for her late husband, NFL linebacker Elijah Alexander.


Our host NiEtta Reynolds and co-host Dr. Kenneth Rogers will present this month's podcast, Cancer Caregiver: A Person Who Gives The Most. We will discuss the important role of cancer caregivers in a person's life, why this national health care issue is gaining recognition, and how caregivers can protect their mental health.

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