Back to School in 2020. Educators have major new challenges ahead in the middle of a deadly pandemic - students who are fearful of going to school, parents who dread sending their children to school, and teachers who are anxious about returning to the classroom. Education is essential, but what level of risk must people take to fulfill their duties as educators, students, caregivers, and parents? What a dilemma!

This month's podcast will discuss how to support your children as they receive virtual instruction at home, reassure your kids when they return to the classroom, recognize the impact on student mental health, help students who struggle to adapt to their new learning environment, and prepare for the unprecedented back-to-school journey of 2020, with special guest Dr. Tia Crossley, a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in school psychology. She serves as a Health Service Psychologist with The National Register of Health Service Psychologists.Dr. Crossley has eleven years of professional experience providing psychological services to schools, mental health clinics, and universities.

NiEtta Reynolds, The Help Show founder, hosts our podcasts each month to share information regarding mental health resources in the community. Our co-host, prominent psychiatrist Dr. Kenneth Rogers, joins NiEtta each month to help the community understand the complexities of our mental health issues.

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